Ree Fong Agriculture Sdn. Bhd.'s business history can be tracked back to 1973. It was started as a transportation business for fresh fruit bunches (FFB). In 1975, the company decided to focus on the oil palm business through the trading of FFP and then gradually expanded our operation to provide oil palm estate management service to our esteemed clients. With this model, we have transformed into an organisation that provides a one stop service which includes harvesting, transporting, planting and estate management that has been successful over 30 years.

To Capitalize on our expertise in the plantation business, we have identified other agriculture business opportunities. Currently, Ree Fong Agriculture Sdn. Bhd. is diversifying into other oil palm related business such as edible oil trading and RBD palm olein oil and RBD palm kernel oil training in both local and overseas operations.

In 2007, Our organisation has reached a milestone when we took over the estate management of a 250 acre fruit orchard.